Cfp: Multimodal Research and Publishing Workshop
Cfp: Multimodal Research and Publishing Workshop

Cfp: Multimodal Research and Publishing Workshop

Berlin, DeZIM & ZOiS, 19-20 June 2023

Multimodal research and multimodal publishing have been gaining traction in recent years. New, often collaborative, research projects are taking place while more and more publishers allow for elements ‘beyond text’ in publications. Still, outputs created in non-textual modalities are often seen as ‘knowledge transfer’ more than proper research, rarely recognised on par with traditional academic books or journal articles, and are typically hard to cite in a coherent and trackable way.

We are organising a two-day workshop to discuss the opportunities and challenges of multimodal research and publishing. We invite those who already practice multimodality in their research to share experiences and learn from each other. While we, the organisers, focus mostly on the use of multimodality to research migration, transborder work, activism and challenges pertinent to Central- and South-Eastern Europe, we also invite researchers who focus on other issues and other parts of the world.

The core workshop will take place on 20 June. On 19 June, we are organising training sessions for early career researchers taking their first steps in multimodal research and publishing. The organisers – VISION Project based at the German Centre for Integration and Migration Research (DeZIM), and the Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS), both in Berlin, will be able to provide support for travel and accommodation for some of the guests who require such support.

If you are interested in participating, please send us the following information to multimodalworkshop [at] by 25 May:

– 200-300 word abstract

– 150-word bio

– information on any special equipment or setup that you may need

– whether you would be coming only for the 20th or would also like to participate in training on the 19th of June

– whether you need support for your travel and/or accommodation costs (and if so, for which nights and for what train/flight connection).


Piotr Goldstein: goldstein [at]      

Iepke Rijcken: iepke.rijcken [at]

Event page:

Workshop Programme Now Available: Multimodal Research and Publishing, Berlin, 19-20 June 2023

We’re excited to share the detailed program for our two-day workshop on Multimodal Research and Publishing, taking place in Berlin on 19-20 June 2023